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Winters are the best time to visit Purulia. The tourist season starts in November and ends in March/April for Purulia. The best time to visit Purulia is from early March when the Palash flowers blooms and Purulia transforms into a different beauty.

Pakhi Pahar

(4.1 km) via Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

The Bird's Hill or 'Pakhi Pahar' draws rock climbing enthusiasts. The hill has been painstakingly sculpted by a group of artists to create about 65 birds and is worth a visit. One can also witness the scenic beauty of Pardi Dam which is about 12 kms from Charida. The 800 feet high hill (Murraburru Hill) is a canvas for artist Shri. Chitta Dey and his team, who has sculpted nearly 60 of birds on the sheer rock face. The work is still going on.

Paprakocha Dam

(13.4 km) via Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

Paprakocha Dam is headquartered in West Bengal. The address of the Paprakocha Dam is Purulia, West Bengal 723143, India.. You can refer to a few comments below before coming to this place. Paprakocha Dam is located at: Baghmundi - Purulia Road, Balarampur, West Bengal 723143.

Lohoria Temple

(11.5 km) via Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

Purulia is not only the land of natural beauty, but also it has certain historical importance. The temples, buildings and monuments of different centuries are the epitome of the architectural beauty and history of different ages. Each of them are work of art. Lohoria Temple is one of such amazing temples in Purulia which will encourage the historians to find about its glorious past. The temple is a perfect artwork of terracotta. Each details will make you amazed after so many years. Lohoria Temple is the temple of Lord Shiva.

Lohoria Dam

(18.1 km) via Ajodhya Hills Rd and Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

Lower Dam

(14.4 km) via Ajodhya Hills Rd and Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

Though smaller in size this Lower Dam Lake is tucked within the hills and is very scenic. A viewpoint on the road over this reservoir gives a sweeping view of the lake and the towering hills.

Upper Dam

(18.4 km) via Ajodhya Hills Rd and Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

This Upper dam creates a lake more than a kilometer long, which is also the major source of water in these arid regions. The lakeside road is one of the best spots to catch the sunset over the Ajodhya Pahar.


(21.5 km) via Ajodhya Hills Rd and Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

Sita Kunda is located in Bagandi village under Ajodhya Gram Panchyat at Baghmundi Block of Purulia district of West Bengal. It’s a beautiful place surrounded by small water bodies with lotus floating on them. The mesmeric medium dense natural forest with peaceful surrounding makes it a perfect tourist destination that gives a rustic ambience and for whole hearted prayer.

Durga Mandir

(49.9 km) via NH18 and Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

Usul Dungri

(30.2 km) via Ajodhya Hills Rd

Bamni Fall

(14.4 km) via Ajodhya Hills Rd and Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

The scene indicates the unblemished purity of nature when not ravaged by human habitation. It represents the vitality, spirit and enjoyment of nature. The air is damp and moist. The smell is of spruce trees which surround the waterfall and stream and of the soggy, wet air. The sound of flowing water is all that can be heard. The water, making its way around, over and through the rocks, makes a beautiful noise. Green bushes cover the hill where large rocks are not exposing themselves. Below the bushes are signs of erosion where the flowing water has carried the dirt down the hill. The erosion is barely noticeable; the many beautiful aspects of the scene conceal this minuscule flaw of perfection. Moss, drenched in water, covers the rocks and huge logs which lay on the bank of the stream. The moss is light yellow in some areas and dark green in others. Small plants and algae are on the rocks as well. The whole area brings an uplifting feeling. It is an area to connect with one’s inner soul and to raise one’s spirits. A place to sit, daydream and simply enjoy the uniqueness of the peaceful, serene nature which is becoming rare.

Thurga Fall

(12.3 km) via Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

How about having a weekend trip to a place where you can find hills, forest, waterfalls, greenery, etc. altogether? Yes, it is possible if you go to Purulia in West Bengal. Ajodhya Hills is the main attraction of the district while there are also certain beautiful waterfalls to make you enjoy your trip to the fullest. Turga falls will definitely be one of those. It is a cascading fall with crystal clear water. Each drop of water is so clear that it looks like you are watching through the glass. On a bright sunny day, if you go to visit Turga falls, it will seem that the falls is coming directly from the sky.

Thurga Dam

(10.5 km) via Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

While you are traveling to a place, you definitely want to know about the best places for sightseeing. Are you planning to visit Purulia this weekend? You can make a plan as Purulia will give you a warm welcome during the monsoon. The silhouette of the Ajodhya Hill will mesmerize you while the lush greenery will soothe your eyes. There are certain places in Purulia that you should not miss ever. Turga Falls and Turga Dam are such places which should be on the top of your list of sightseeing. The beauty of Turga Falls will make you spellbound. It is a cascading waterfall. The sound of the water along with the chirping birds and squeaking squirrels will offer the best natural concert to your bereaved ears.

Charida Mukhosh Gram

(11.7 km) via Jhalda - Baghmundi Rd and Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

Masks of Charidah village in Baghmundi block of Purulia (WB) used in the martial dance "Chha" which is internationally famous. Around 250 artisans of Charidah village are involved in this craft. RAM KRISHNA HASTA SHILPA SAMITY – a SHG of 13 members from Charidah village are professionally engaged in this mask manufacturing and they have been awarded at the national level for their effort too

Khairabera Dam

(23.4 km) via Jhalda - Baghmundi Rd and Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

A natural lake bounded by low lying hills and deep forests. The Khairabera Lake is also home to numerous migratory birds.Only 70km away from Purulia, Khairebera Dam is the pleasant tourist spot where you will like to spend your day with friends and family. You can choose to visit the area at springtime when the Palash trees will be in full bloom and the red-colored flowers set the nature in the fire. Khairabera Dam is an irrigation dam that is located on the slopes of the Ajodhya Hills and amidst the forest of Baghmundi. The ecstatic scenic beauty of the place will mesmerize you instantly.

Chandil Dam

(41.8 km) via NH18 and Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

Chandil Dam standing on the Subarnarekha River is a place of scenic beauty. This dam is one of the most visited places of jharkhand. The museum located close to the Chandil dam has scripts written on rocks,which are 2000 years old.

Marble Lake

(16.7 km) via Ajodhya Hills Rd and Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

If the red hills and the rustic charm of Purulia have always attracted your adventurous soul, then give it a soothing break at the Marble Lake of Ayodhya. Primarily a tribal belt with thick forests of Sal trees that will take your breath away with their towering silhouettes, Ayodhya Hills is famous for its innumerable natural springs that primarily take a different look during the monsoon. Flushed with running streams and gushing in the rainwater, these streams at times look frightfully beautiful. If you have been to the hill top of Ayodhya to view the Bamni Falls, you just have to turn right and lo! Behold! The serene blue deep waters of Marble Lake unfolds before you.

Muchukunda Fall

(16.7 km) via Ajodhya Hills Rd and Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

Once, in a battle, the devas were defeated by the asuras. Tormented by arrows, they sought help from king Muchukunda. King Muchukunda agreed to help them and fought against the asuras for a long time.[3] Since the devas did not have an able commander, king Muchukunda protected them against the onslaught by asuras, until the devas got an able commander like Kartikeya, the son of Shiva. Then Indra said to the king Muchukunda, "O king, we, the deities are indebted to you for the help and protection which you have given us, by sacrificing your own family life. Here in the heaven, one year equals three hundred and sixty years of the earth. Since, it has been a long time, there is no sign of your kingdom and family because it has been destroyed with the passage of time. You came here in Treta Yuga and now its Dwapara Yuga on earth.We are happy and pleased with you, so ask for any boon except Moksha(liberation) because it is beyond our capacities".

Sikhra Pahar

(50.8 km) via Jhalda - Baghmundi Rd

Rajrappa Temple

(104km ) via NH18 and NH 320

Jonha Falls

(85.4 km) via Ranchi - Purulia Rd

About 45 kms away from Ranchi situated on the Ranchi-Purulia Highway, is the Jonha Falls, named after the local village. It is also known as the Gautamdhara, as there is a temple dedicated to Lord Budha, in its vicinity. The rocks here seem to beckon you down its natural gradient to join the frothy gurgling water of the River. The fall appears relatively more somber, enhancing the picturesque charm of the spot.

Dimna Lake

(54.9 km) via Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

Dimna Lake is an artificial reservoir located near Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, 15 km from the city of Jamshedpur in the state of Jharkhand. Constructed in 1944, by Tata Steel to deal with the water scarcity in the city.

Tata Nagar

(74.4 km) via Baghmundi - Purulia Rd

Murguma Dam

(38.7 km) via Ajodhya Hills Rd

There are lots of rivers and streams in Purulia. Obviously, you will find several dams over there. Muruguma Dam is definitely one of those beautiful dams which are the must visit while you are in Purulia. The natural beauty of that place will grab all your attention when you are there. Actually, Muruguma is the village where the dam is located over the Saharjor River. Do you know what the meaning of Muruguma is? According to the local people, it means ‘the home for the peacocks’.

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